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How Focused Light Can Help You

Light therapy has been used for treating a range of health ailments for many decades. Different frequency (color) of light, specifically red, blue, and green, are known to have several therapeutic effects that can help improve your physical and mental health. By choosing the right color, you can achieve the desired effect and improve your health.

About Spectra Brite Health

Joanne Beeninga, owner of
Spectra Brite Health
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What Focused Light Therapy Can Help

Autoimmune Issues
Back Pain
Bacterial Infections
Cognitive Function
Foot Pain
Headaches or Migraines
Joint Pain
A Fib
Mold Cleansing
Sore Throat
Sinus Infections
Sprains and Strains
Gum Disease
Wound Healing
Dental Recovery
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What others are saying

  • I wanted to thank you for introducing me to the spectra machine. It has really helped my pain and sleeping. I put it on my feet every night and I'm able to rest. The PEMF pad I put on my legs and I feel so much better almost instantly and it allows me to actually get a full night's sleep with no aching. I haven't been able to get sleep like this for I don't know how long, that's how long it's been! I know a little bit about light therapy, but I'm also putting the lights on my head and then it seems like my communications are better. I am getting up there in age and sometimes I have to search for words, but I'm able to communicate easier it's kind of hard to describe but its important for me to be able to communicate with everyone my friend and works and loved ones I'm going to continue using it and I'm considering buying the body length mat and using that every night. Thank you so much and I hope that other people can try this and get the relief I have had. Thank you

    Danielle Wilde

  • "My energy levels have increased. I’m not sure if it’s from the lack of pain or treatment. I have actually lost a couple of pounds, probably from being more active. So the outlook for the future is much improved. The Spectra-Brite isn’t the fountain of youth but it is pretty close."

    Darlene S.

  • "I believe that staying comfortably functional into my seventies requires exercise to support the low back and the Spectra-Mini to reduce inflammation in the discs and muscles. This is a powerful pair of therapies that keeps me capable of functioning effortlessly. ."

    Karen H.

  • "I received treatment with the Spectra-Brite device in June of this year. When I got back home, I was able to go back to work within a week! I am no longer in debilitating pain and I’m less tired. This treatment really changed my life for the better. Thank you to my doctor and Joanne for all your help."


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How Light Can Heal

Let us start by understanding the true nature of LIGHT.

So what is it?

Light is believed to be the smallest ”particle” in the universe, but this particle has no mass and therefore exists only as a concept. If you combine two of these mass-less light particles, then you have an electron which has mass and weight.

Light as it is provided by Mother Nature has inherent qualities that promote health and healing. The Spectra-Brite focuses the natural healing qualities of light where they are needed most, providing pain relief plus improved healing and health.
The Science
The Visible Light Spectrum
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