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Why Spectra Brite Health?

Welcome to my company, SPECTRA BRITE HEALTH.

So many companies and commercials tell the same story these days: “I was about to die and I discovered this…so now I am promoting it to save your life.”

I hate to be unoriginal, but that is indeed what happened to me! After being cured of a debilitating condition through the use of the Spectra Brite, I became motivated to establish a company to promote, sell and deliver the Spectra-Brite line of light therapy devices. Because yes, indeed, these are the devices that brought me back to health.

Until I rekindled (or restored) my energy and vitality with the Spectra-Brite, I was not the entrepreneurial type. My experience with the Spectra-Brite devices changed that and now I am. I want to enable many other people to achieve the same improvement to their health that I did.

Welcome to my world, SPECTRA BRITE HEALTH. Let me show you how your life and your health can be revived by LIGHT.

Joanne Beeninga


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My Own Testimonial 

Joanne Beeninga, owner of
Spectra Brite Health

Why did I choose to sell Spectra-Brite Health focused light therapy products at this late stage in life? It’s pretty simple. The Spectra-Brite Health saved my life and I was so excited about this wonderful device that I wanted to help others with problems they couldn’t find answers to.

I found the Spectra-Brite Health when I was 70 years old. I looked healthy enough but my lungs were severely infected with candida and black mold. Breathing was getting harder all the time. I was wheezing so loudly I couldn’t sleep and the mucus my body was producing kept me awake all night coughing. I was diagnosed with emphysema.

I consulted nutritional healers in the medical field, but I kept getting worse. A friend told me the hard truth: “You have to do something about this or you are going to die.”

That woke me up from my apathy and I called a couple more medical offices to find help. Lucky for me, one was a clinic a couple hours from home. The receptionist said, “Oh sure, Dr. Vaughn can help you.” I jumped in my car and drove straight there.

He treated me with the Spectra-Brite for 15 minutes a day for two weeks. At the end of this two weeks, my lungs were CLEAR!

I had new x-rays done to compare them to the x-rays used to diagnose emphysema and they confirmed what I knew: I had recovered fully from emphysema. My lungs were now clear.

This might be hard to believe for you but for me it is crystal clear and very real. Since that time, I have seen the Spectra-Brite create miracles for people who needed help in many ways. Please see our Success page for their stories. Yes, indeed, You Can Live a Better Life!

Feel stronger, rested, and more focused with a complete line of focused light therapy products available online at Spectra Brite Health.
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