In this age of fierce viral and bacterial infections that do not always respond to medical treatments swiftly or at all, new methods of treatment are being used to arrest and end the proliferation of these pathogens.  

Ultraviolet (UV) is a type of electromagnetic radiation (energy that comes from a source and travels through space at the speed of light) with wavelengths from 10 nm to 400 nm.  These wavelengths are shorter than that of visible light.  There are three categories of UV light; C the strongest with B next in intensity and A the least harmful to human tissues. While UVC  light has broad germicidal properties, it is also harmful to human cells.  

Alternatively, UVA and UVB devices have been FDA approved with indications to treat human diseases including skin lymphoma, eczema and psoriasis.  Of the three spectrums, UVA light appears to cause the least damage to mammalian cells.  Recent advances in light emitting diodes (LEDs)  have made it much more feasible to manufacture.

The Spectrabrite Light Therapy Device has a very effective attachment called the SUBLINGUAL.  It emits two types of light: UVA and Pulsing Red Light.  The light is delivered under the tongue where a vascular bed (an intricate network of minute blood vessels that spread out through the tissues of the body or of a part of the body) is located. Through the Sublingual, light penetrates the tissues into the blood stream.  

Viruses absorb much more energy than the red or white blood cells and get more damaged by UV light. They absorb the light and then explode.  The killed viral fragments remaining in the blood create a vaccination - like response.  This strengthens the immune system response to the specific pathogen and kill off more of the pathogen. 

On this website's Success page is a write up by a young man who suffered from Lyme Disease who suffered for over a year from it.  He was treated in a hospital, but never recovered the deliberating effects of this horrible illness.   After a long search for help, he discovered Dr. Vaugh who treated his condition with the Spectrabrite and Sublingual attachment.  He received a round of treatments and was cured to the point of being physically able to join the Special Forces where he now serves.

On YouTube under the Spectrabrite category is a Success Story of a woman who was bed ridden from the Epstein Barr virus.  She was desperate for help that would cure her of this viral illness.  She was also treated by a Naturopathic Doctor with a Spectrabrite and UV light.  It took 30 days of treatment to arrest this illness and bring the patient back to health.

I personally was cured of Black Mold Inhalation and have the X-rays of Before and After to prove my recovery.

With so many viruses and bacterial conditions in our present society, the preventative use of UVA light can keep us healthy and protected from environmental attacks.


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