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Feeling Old? Is that brain of yours getting slower, a bit clouded, forgetful and maybe there are moments of disorientation??

I am sorry for those of you who have to admit that their perceptions are fading a bit or a lot.

However, there is hope and there is a way to help your Cerebral Cortex perform better from my point of view.
Studies conducted at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, (MIT) have revealed possibly one of the greatest health breakthroughs of our time. The scientists discovered that stimulating the visual cortex of the brain with certain gamma frequencies drastically lowers plaque in the brain and also activates the cells that clean debris away. They discovered that brain related issues associated with aging can be positively impacted through the use of this 40hz gamma wave input.

Spectra-Brite’s Inventor, David High, was very moved by this research and realized that equipment that we already had in our company could be adjusted to produce the right frequency output to match the research conducted by MIT. He immediately went to work to put together a system that addresses this new information.

The results were the Brain Protocol setting on both the Spectra Brite and the Spectra-Mini. Each device has a 40 hz setting to address the amyloid plaque break up on the nerve endings and the companion PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) pillow that is placed beneath the head after the Red Light 40hz treatment to clean away the debris by dilating the capillaries and flowing more blood containing oxygen and nutrients while flushing out the waste products resulting from the treatment of the plaque.
Clients enjoying their Brain Protocol.
Clients enjoying their Brain Protocol.
Within two days of using my brain protocol settings I felt a slight, but definite lifting of brain fog. Since that time, about 8 months ago, my memory has improved greatly and I have not had any disorientation periods. Now when my husband and I are conversing, I have to remember all those old movie stars names and movies they stared in. 

Again both the Spectra-brite, our top of the line model, and the Spectra-Mini our easy to travel with model, can perform the Brain Protocol equally as well.

Please see from the Science page of our Menu, the Testimonial of Mr. George about his mother's treatment of Alzheimers with the Spectra Brite. It is labeled, "Memory Regained Testimonial". He kept a diary of his mother's improvements by using the Spectra-Brite Brain Protocol.

We at SPECTRA BRITE HEALTH, want everyone to have as much brain vitality that is possible during their “Bonus Years” of life.

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