Understanding How Light Can Heal

Let us start by understanding the true nature of LIGHT.

Light is believed to be the smallest particle in the universe but this particle has no mass and therefore exists only as a concept. If you combine two of these mass-less light particles, then you have an electron which has mass and weight.

Light as it is provided by Mother Nature has inherent qualities that promote health and healing. The Spectra-Brite focuses the natural healing qualities of light where they are needed most, providing pain relief plus improve healing and health.
Light Therapy, What is it?

It is photoluminescence (Light emission from any form of matter after the absorption of photons (electromagnetic radiation). “Photo” refers to light. “Luminesence” refers to the emission of light. Our Spectra-Brite emits light through the Light Pads. It also pulsates the light at different speeds to penetrate deeper into the body to create better results.

Light and Its Wavelengths

To orient you to the world of light, let’s start with the basics. Light travels in waves. Each type of light has a specific wavelength. In the list below, the most powerful waves are at the top of the list and the least powerful are at the bottom.
The Spectra Brite delivers Visible Light only.

The Spectra Brite is a Class 3 laser.

Photoluminescence as a Curative Agent

Delivering healing treatment with photoluminescence requires little sophisticated equipment and no toxic drugs. It cures by stimulating the body’s own immune response, as explained by William Campbell Douglass, MD, in his book, INTO THE LIGHT.

When photoluminescence treatment is administered, the body’s defenses are organized to destroy invading organisms, whether viral, fungal or bacterial. The immune system comes to life and rapidly brings the body back to a state of balance.

This process is known as photobiostimulation. The right wavelength of light used to stimulate the body can cause improved vascular and enzymatic activity. Collagen, one of the basic building blocks of the body, begins to be produced at greater quantities by the body. Damaged skeletal, connective and neurological tissue and structures respond with enhanced healing.
The reduction of edema (swelling and inflammation) is also a common result of focused light therapy.

Photobiostimulation encourages the healing process on many levels at the same time. The result is rapid pain reduction and decreased healing time.

All these factors lead to a faster and much more pleasant recovery from a wide variety of injuries and other sources of aches and pains.
While Spectra Brite Health nor the manufacturer, Millennial Health Systems, LLC, can make no specific claims as to your results, many who have experienced pain relief and other excellent results have allowed us to share their stories with you in testimonials.

Please let us know about any changes for the better that you received while using our devices. We love to hear about good news from our customers.

Radio & Videos

Radio Show featuring David High
Biohacking radio show:
The Spectra-Brite discussion starts at 40 minutes into the audio program and continues for about 20 minutes. David High, the inventor of the Spectra-Brite, Spectra-Mini and Spectra-Wand, is interviewed on popular radio show, “Biohacking.”
David goes over the studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that investigated how light affects the brain. These studies found a light pulsing at 40 Hz breaks up the amyloidal plaque coating the transmitter cells in the brain.

He describes how the Sublingual Mouthpiece helps keep the blood clean when it is operated under the tongue each day. He also notes that the body’s oxygen is increased when the red blood cells are made less sticky with this therapy. And much more.
Videos on YouTube from Millennial Health Systems for the Spectra-Brite™

What is light therapy? What does it do? Is it safe? How can light therapy cause such amazing responses?

Memory Regained Testimonial 

Ed: stamina high, arthritis leaving, prostate better!

Ed used to have to take naps a couple hours after waking, could barely bend his hand, had neck / back pain, had to get up several times a night.


Quick start guide to operating the
Spectra Brite Training Session

EMPF Training Seminar


Real life results of SPECTRA BRITE treatment on
sports injuries, chemo side effects, scar tissue,
knee pain, facial wrinkles, psoriasis, paralysis pain
Feel stronger, rested, and more focused with a complete line of focused light therapy products available online at Spectra Brite Health.
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