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On the Spectra-Brite, what is the correct procedure for the Alzheimer’s Protocol?

You would use the "Basic Red Program #6" for the LED Light Pad. It needs to be tucked behind your head between your ears during treatment for 30 minutes.
Then you would replace the LED Light Pad with the PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Pillow behind your head. Again this treatment is for 30 minutes.

Does the Basic Red Program on the Spectra Brite run at 40 Hz?


Is the Spectra-Brite better than the Spectra-Mini for the Alzheimer’s Protocol?

No. They offer the same therapeutic programs. However, the Spectra-Mini is portable for easy travel while the Spectra-Brite can deliver therapy to more individuals all at once.

Can one use the Spectra-Brite on any part of the head?

Yes, however, the Basic Red Program should be only be administered to the back of the head between the ears. There has never been a reported incident of a seizure occurring with the Basic Red Program, but there was a warning from the MIT research team that this could possibly be an issue. So we stand by their warning. Only use these devices set on the Basic Red Program on the back of the head between the ears if someone is prone to or has had seizures.

Can you use any other color programs on any part of the head?

Yes. Red penetrates the best. Green and blue don’t penetrate as well.

What is the major difference between the Spectra-Brite and the Spectra-MIni?

The Spectra-Brite is able to deliver a choice of any color on the Full Light Spectrum. A different color can be specified through each one of the four ports. For those practitioners who use the Full Color Spectrum Therapy, this machine is an excellent choice and the only one I am aware of in the market.

Which of the light therapy devices plugs into a cigarette lighter in the car?

The Spectra-Mini. It requires a converter which you can get at any hardware store.

What kind of adaptor should I get to use my Spectra-Mini in the car?

A 40 Watt adaptor able to handle 110 amps.

Is the Spectra-Brite better than the Spectra-Mini for the Alzheimer’s protocol?

No. They are the same.

Can the Spectra-Mini Mode 1 be effective to relieve stress and anxiety?


Does the light pad on the Spectra-Mini sometimes stop pulsing and emit a continuous, solid light?

No, it is always pulsing. However it goes so fast at times that it looks solid.
There are no other colors available when the light pad is used with the Specta-Mini. It provides red light running at 11 different frequencies. The pad runs through these eleven frequencies for one minute per frequency. The device then reverses the order of frequencies and again delivers each frequency for one minute.

When using the Spectra-Mini, how do you know if the PEMF pillow or light pad is in good functioning order?

As long as the indicator light is on for the mode you selected—either Mode 1 or Mode 2—then the light pad or PEMF pillow is functional. If the indicator light turns off, there is a short in the light pad or PEMF pillow or the program time has run out.

Is it okay to use the red light pad in the car?

You can use the red light pad in the car, but be very careful how it is used. Do not allow the light to be seen outside the car. The light must be concealed so that you do not look like a law enforcement vehicle.

Are there different types of PEMF wand attachments?

There used to be three different colored wands but they are no longer produced. At this time, we only manufacture and sell the red PEMF wand. This is a different product than the Spectra-Wand.

Why might I feel uncomfortable after a UV treatment under my tongue?

If you are not drinking plenty of water before and after your treatment to flush out waste products released by the treatment, your body can get overwhelmed and you may feel uncomfortable. You need to use the Spectra-Wand for a shorter period to time and drink more water to flush your system. You need to use the Spectra Wand and/or the Sublingual attachment with the Spectra-Brite or Mini, for shorter periods of time and drink more water to flush your system.

Why should I begin using the Spectra-Wand UV light for a short period of time initially and then increase it gradually?

If you think your body might have trouble detoxifying toxic wastes released by treatment, it is smart to start using the Spectra-Wand or the sublingual attachment for the Spectra-Brite or Spectra-Mini for a short period of time. Then you can increase the time very gradually.
The recommended usage time for the Spectra-Wand is one minute, twice a day. The sublingual mouthpiece is a 15 minute treatment. You might want to start off the Wand with a 15 second treatment and work up from there to one minute.
With the sublingual mouthpiece, start with a five-minute treatment and increase the time gradually as long as you feel well and are able to easily eliminate the toxins released by treatment.
When pathogens are killed off in the body, they must be eliminated through the kidneys and liver. Therefore, it is recommended that you support your body’s ability to detoxify these pathogens by drinking plenty of water before and after treatment.

Can I use the red light setting in my Spectra-Wand before or following the use of its UV light?

Yes, In addition to the UV light, use the red light setting with the crystal under your tongue for five minutes in the morning and evening. If you are using it at the proper gradient, you should not suffer any ill effects.

Does a PEMF Pad interfere with a heart monitor?

Each person should check with their doctor on this point.

What is meant by High Vs Low Intensities?

The intensity of a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy system means the maximum strength of the magnetic field the device is capable of delivering.
The Spectra-Brite and Spectra-Mini deliver low intensity therapy based on research from MIT. The low intensity setting is the best one for long-term health improvement.

Is it Normal for the quartz sublingual mouthpiece to blink for four or five minutes and then emit a steady light?


Does the Sublingual mouthpiece have one or two lights?

The Sublingual mouthpiece has two tubes. One emits a purple light and the other emits a red light. Therefore. there are two lights.

Can red light help glaucoma?

Yes, it can help but it is far too powerful to shine directly into the eyes. One could shine the red light from the side of the face across the surface of the eye or shine the light onto a piece of paper and then look at the paper.

What kind of adaptor should I get to use my Spectra-Mini in the car?

A 40 Watt adaptor able to handle 110 amps.

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